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  • Trump demonstrations, Donald Trump, several arrested after anti trump protests in dallas, Houston police

    Several arrested after anti-Trump protests in Dallas! 2016-11-12 09:39:49

    Several protesters were arrested following the anti-Trump protests in Dallas, while demonstrations in Minneapolis closed Interstate 94. They were angry over the election of Republican Donald Trump for president. Some protesters in Dallas carried signs saying "Stop Trump" and “hands...

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    marijuana in texas, marijuana in texas, texas man goes into abandoned warehouse to smoke a joint finds tiger instead, Houston police

    Texas Man Goes into Abandoned Warehouse to Smoke a Joint, Finds Tiger Instead 2019-02-13 06:53:36

    A marijuana user in Texas had an interesting and frantic experience while he was making an attempt to get into a cast off warehouse to find a quiet place to smoke his joint, instead he found a full-grown tiger. According...

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    Woman fire in Texas Church video, Woman fire in Texas Church breaking, woman opens fire in texas church killed, Houston police

    Woman opens fire in Texas Church, Killed 2024-02-12 07:25:37

    Yesterday afternoon, a woman armed with a long rifle entered Lakewood Church in Houston, where Pastor Joel Osteen leads a large congregation. Tragically, she opened fire, but was swiftly and fatally shot by off-duty officers. Thankfully, no other individuals within...

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