How the attack of Iran on Israel was stopped?Top Stories

April 15, 2024 15:08
How the attack of Iran on Israel was stopped?

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The joint efforts of the US, UK, Jordan, and Israel effectively countered Iran's anticipated missile and drone attack. By working together, they were able to neutralize almost all of the ballistic missiles overnight, preventing a significant threat. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that around 360 missiles and drones were launched by Iran, but their defense mission successfully intercepted 99% of these threats. This successful defense operation may have incurred a cost of £800m for Israel, but it undoubtedly saved numerous lives and undermined Iran's military credibility. Iran's strategy seemed to involve overwhelming Israel's air defense system with a large-scale attack similar to Russia's tactics in Ukraine, but on a much larger scale. The attack consisted of slower drones, faster cruise missiles, and high-speed ballistic missiles capable of reaching speeds several times faster than sound. Despite the attack being well-known in advance, Iran's decision to launch such a massive assault, involving over 100 ballistic missiles, posed a serious threat to any air defense system.

The mission was considered a success and further assaults were deemed unnecessary. However, while Tehran gained knowledge about Israel's air defenses, the relatively low impact of the missiles is likely to be disappointing. In comparison, the surprise attack on Saudi oil installations in 2019, orchestrated by Iran, temporarily disrupted 5% of the global oil supply. It is estimated that around two or three dozen drones and missiles were used during that incident.

"This latest attack is significant in terms of its size and scale. It was intended to cause substantial damage, but its failure to do so undermines Iran's credibility," stated Sidharth Kaushal, an expert at the Royal United Services Institute thinktank. Assistance from the international community was crucial in neutralizing the slower-moving drones. The US claimed to have taken down approximately 70 drones and three missiles, while the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, mentioned that the RAF had intercepted an undisclosed number. Other reports indicated that Jordan, a longstanding ally of the US, had shot down numerous drones in its airspace.

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